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  • Plastic Surgery FAQ's

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from our New Patients

    Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon

    Q: How should I select a plastic surgeon?

    A: A few minutes of research goes a long way

    Most all physicians, including plastic surgeons, have sub-specialties within their field where they have narrowed their scope of practice in order to do more of the things they love and are good at.  So it's important to get a feel for the surgeries a physician performs most often and his or her expertise in that area.  


    A great place to start is the physician's website.  Nearly all physicians have websites these days, and the website will typically give you a feel for the most important items: 

    • Surgeries the physician performs - Is the surgeon a 'thought leader' or 'expert' on the surgery you are seeking?  If the surgeon writes a lot of articles (or blogs), or is published regularly, they are more likely to have a lot of experience, leading to better patient outcomes and less downtime.
    • Whether or not the surgeon keeps 'up to date' with the latest surgical procedures (advances in technology continue to lead to smaller scars and faster healing).  A physician who doesn't update his/her website regularly probably doesn't update his/her surgical techniques or office policies.  In medicine, it's easy (and dangerous) to get stuck in the past. 
    • How detailed the surgeon is.  Physicians are highly involved in the messaging on their site. If the message is short and sweet, the physician is likely the same.  If the messages on the site are more detailed and informative, the doctor likely spends a lot of time making sure the patient understands the procedure and has all of their questions answered.

    Q: What can I expect at my first appointment?

    A: A sense of relief

    Questions about plastic and cosmetic surgery abound. Many people avoid scheduling an appointment because they have no idea of the price range of the services they desire or they are unsure what to call what they are looking for. For example, they may think: "Do I need a tummy tuck, liposuction, or body contouring?" This is perfectly normal.


    At our office, our goal with your first appointment is to get you to tell us in your own words what you would like. Dr. Bindewald will ask many clarifying questions and talk you through different procedures. Then, in a completely no-pressure environment, our staff will sit down with you and review the cost of each procedure, whether or not your insurance will cover it and what portion they will cover, and your financing options.


    You never have to decide that day if you want to move forward with the surgery. In fact, we advise against it. We want you to then take that information, think through it, and make the absolute best decision for you. You may decide to do more or fewer procedures. You may decide to combine multiple procedures or just do one at a time. Whatever decision you make is the best for you.


    Dr. Bindewald is an expert plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Although he provides cosmetic services, the office is not a medical spa, so there are no gimmicks or sales pitches to try and convince you to do more than you are comfortable with.


    We encourage you to schedule a consultation if you are considering or have ever considered plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or reconstructive surgery. Just knowing your options and the costs associated with each typically gives patients great peace of mind.

    Q: Do most patients feel better after plastic surgery?

    A: Yes, and there are many studies to support this.

    Patients overwhelmingly state an increase in confidence and self-esteem after plastic and/or reconstructive surgery. This is one of several reasons why we have seen a massive increase in elective cosmetic surgeries in recent years, as well as why many people elect to undergo a plastic surgery procedure after a significantly challenging life event, such as a divorce.


    Read my blog: "Body Image: The Effect of Plastic Surgery on a Woman's Psyche" for more detailed information.

    Q: Can I combine plastic surgery procedures?

    A: Yes, combining plastic surgery procedures is often a good idea.

    Many cosmetic procedures, such as a Mommy Makeover, are designed to contour and correct multiple areas of the body. Other procedures, such as breast lift and body contouring, can often be combined to streamline healing time, limit anesthesia usage, reduce total expense (by eliminating multiple surgery center facility fees), and provide optimal results in one surgical setting.


    If you want to consider combining two or more surgeries, just ask Dr. Bindewald during your initial consultation. You can also always email us general questions about combining multiple surgeries.

    Q: Do men get plastic surgery?

    A: Men regularly seek plastic surgery, it just tends to get less press.

    Men regularly seek plastic surgery too! From gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) to more traditional liposuction, skin contouring and tightening after significant weight loss, tummy tucks, and facial contouring, it's completely normal for men to seek our services.


    In fact, many men seek us specifically as we are one of the few plastic surgery offices who take great care to keep all patient before and after photos completely private. Your decision to elect cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is completely yours, as is your decision to tell or showcase it to others.