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Video: Be You

A inspiring video for women on body image

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Click above to watch this inspiring video for women on body image.

The video opens with the following quotes:

  • "91% of women are unhappy with their bodies."
  • "On average, women have 13 negative body thoughts daily." - Shaun Dreisbach, Glamour Magazine
  • "I love my kids, but hate my body." -Liz Capra Whitby
  • She's not alone. 31% of Moms hate their bodies.

Body image affects women of every size and every age. The pain is real. Whether it happens in an instant or over time, it often makes us feel guilty because we have so many people counting on us and we don't know what to do.

But a woman's smile is infectious and her confidence changes lives. So maybe it's time for a little confidence boost. 

Plastic surgery doesn't mean you have given up. And it doesn't have to be extensive. It can be inspiring. It's bold. It's confident. Just like you. Be you. INSPIRING. Be you. BOLD. Be you. CONFIDENT. Be you.

Dr. Matt Bindewald is a plastic surgeon based in San Antonio, TX. He works with patients all over the U.S. and promotes the healthy and prudent use of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery options to change lives. He got his inspiration to become a plastic surgeon when he saw its life-changing effects on our military. Visit his website here:

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