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Tummy Tuck in San Antonio


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Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a "tummy tuck", is a procedure where Dr. Bindewald surgically removes excess skin or fat in the abdominal region and then repairs any weak or separated muscles to achieve a strong, lean mid-section.  If patients have previous scars or stretch marks that bother them, in many instances Dr. Bindewald may be able to remove these during the procedure.   

There are many reasons men and women of all ages and sizes seek an abdominoplasty.  The skin around our stomachs is designed to stretch more than the skin on other parts of our bodies.  That being said, it's also the most susceptible to protruding or getting loose over time.  It's perfectly normal and not something to be ashamed of; even people who are in great shape face the embarrassment of loose skin that just doesn't behave like they'd like it to. 

Our abdomens are very complicated structures that protect vitally important systems and organs in our body, so it's essential that you seek a surgeon who is experienced and comfortable performing highly complex surgeries. Patients seeking abdominoplasty seek out Dr. Bindewald because of his experience performing numerous complex surgeries, both as a plastic surgeon and while serving in the military as a general and trauma surgeon. 

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