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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in San Antonio

Gynecomastia in San Antonio

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Gynecomastia, or excess tissue and fat in the pectoral region, can be a source of frustration and self-consciousness for men. In fact, it can even lead to depression and poor self-esteem.  However, this condition is far more common than many realize. Gynecomastia affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of the male population. It may affect only one breast or both.

Often, the exact cause of a person’s gynecomastia cannot be pinpointed but may be caused by certain medications, hormonal changes or hereditary factors. In rare cases, it may be a symptom of a larger disease process.

Ideally, male breasts have toned muscles and are well defined, with nipples that point forward and follow a line from the shoulder to the waist, which helps create the image of an ideal masculine triangular upper body. With gynecomastia, the male breast becomes fatty and may begin to sag. It can develop a crease underneath with a fold of tissue over it, nipples that point downward, and excess chest volume – all of which are more similar to the female breast shape than the ideal male chest. The accumulated breast tissue and fatty tissue may be more resistant to weight loss and may form even in men who are otherwise in excellent physical shape.

Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery can address these concerns and eliminate extra fat and breast tissue for a flatter, more masculine appearance. San Antonio plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Bindewald offers private, effective treatment for gynecomastia that can help you attain your goals.

In general, gynecomastia can be surgically treated by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin. Dr. Bindewald will determine the appropriate surgical technique for your case, but it typically may include liposuction of the affected area and or excision of excess skin and tissue.

The result is a better proportioned, more masculine and contoured upper body as well as the freedom and self-confidence to lead an active life. Men are typically very satisfied with their new look and feel more confident in their physical appearance. They no longer feel embarrassed about taking their shirt off in public or going to places like the beach.

South Texas residents who are interested in the procedure can call for a cosmetic surgery consultation with San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Bindewald at 844-DR-MATTB (844.376.2882).

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