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How much does breast reduction

surgery cost?

Based on pricing data available for breast reduction & plastic surgery procedures in San Antonio, TX

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is designed to help give you a more proportional appearance. It has also been proven to boost confidence levels while alleviating health problems. If you are one of millions suffering from large breasts, know that there are several factors to consider before undergoing breast reduction surgery. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Cost and whether your insurance will cover the procedure
  • Healing times and if any visible scars will remain
  • How reduced you want your breasts to become and how that size will affect your life in general

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

On average, the cost of breast reduction surgery ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. However, these costs are not concrete and tend to vary from surgeon to surgeon. It is imperative to consult with a plastic surgeon to weigh all your options and choices. With years of extensive industry experience, plastic surgeons can discuss all treatment options and cost information, and explain the procedure and healing times in great detail.

Does Insurance Cover a Breast Reduction Procedure?

In many cases, breast reduction surgery may be covered by your insurance. However, you must confirm these details with your insurance company before the procedure is performed. Our office staff in San Antonio offers solutions to help you determine whether or not you may be a candidate for insurance-covered breast reduction. In fact, Dr. Bindewald and his San Antonio plastic surgery team have specific expertise in fulfilling the requirements of insurance companies for eligible patients.

Healing from Breast Reduction Surgery

Post-breast reduction surgery healing time varies between individuals. Some patients tend to heal faster than others, but on average, breast reduction patients should not lift anything heavy or do any strenuous activity for several weeks after surgery. Most women -- depending on their profession -- are able to return to work within 10-20 days. Follow the post-care instructions your surgeon has laid out for you to achieve maximum results.

Breast Reduction Sizes

How large or small you want your breasts to remain after surgery depends on your personal preferences. Discuss your desired size with your surgeon so he or she can meet all your needs.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to alleviate excess weight in the upper body; ultimately reducing back and shoulder pain and giving you the ability to be mobile and do things, like jog, that may not have been an option before. You will feel lighter and have more mobility and flexibility after surgery. This procedure is the perfect solution for securing a more aesthetically pleasing look, while ensuring optimal contouring and balance with the rest of your body. For more information on breast reduction surgery, contact San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Matt Bindewald, and get the results you deserve.

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