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Fat Transfer, San Antonio Plastic Surgery

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matt Bindewald Discusses Fat Transfer Surgery

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As we age, the loss of volume in certain areas of the face and body can eventually lead to the onset of wrinkles and a sunken appearance. Due to this loss of fat tissue, many people often end up appearing older than they really are.

Rather than undergoing invasive procedures, some individuals choose fat transfer treatments because of their effectiveness and minimal downtime. Also known as “fat grafting,” this procedure removes fat from one part of the body and injects it into another to restore fullness and provide a youthful look.

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San Antonio board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Bindewald offers fat transfer to individuals from all over the South Texas area. In most instances, the fat is harvested from the stomach, back, or buttocks before it is injected into the desired area(s) of the body.

Dr. Bindewald performs fat transfers on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. The entire treatment usually takes less than an hour to perform, although multiple treatments may be needed to gain the most beneficial results.

As soon as the procedure is complete, bandages will be applied to the areas of injection. It is recommended that you do not sit or lay on the area in which the fat transfer has been performed. You may be encouraged to gently massage the treated areas. Patients generally return to work after a couple of days, but any type of strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks.

The results of a fat transfer are immediately apparent and will continue to improve over the coming weeks. Individuals are usually very satisfied with their new look and feel more confident in their new appearance. The results of fat transfer are generally long lasting, although follow­up treatments may be needed in order to achieve the best results.

To schedule a consultation, please call 844-DR-MATTB (844.376.2882). We are located in the city of San Antonio, and convenient to patients in New Braunfels, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Boerne, the Texas Hill Country, and the surrounding area. Dr. Matt Bindewald regularly performs fat grafting procedures for both men and women from all over South Texas.

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