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In the United States alone – more than three million patients are treated in emergency rooms every year for facial trauma. Falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and assaults account for the largest number of facial trauma cases – which can range from a minor injury to a significant medical event. Facial fractures are usually first identified in the emergency room and repairs are not typically performed until any life-threatening issues are addressed and the patient is stabilized.

Once stabilized, it is important to have an experienced plastic surgeon involved in the repair of the facial fracture to ensure reduced deformation and scarring. San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Matt Bindewald is expertly trained in reconstructive surgery and facial restoration.

Facial fractures are diagnosed when one or more of the four main bones of the face are broken. The fracture is named for the place in which it occurs – orbital fracture, jaw fracture, mid-face fracture, and nasal fracture. Dr. Bindewald is uniquely experienced in treating all types of facial fractures.

When a facial fracture is suspected, a CT scan will be ordered if one has not already been performed. In some cases, additional imaging, such as a dental x-ray, may be required. Once Dr. Bindewald has a clear view of the damage that has occurred, he creates a tailored plan to repair your facial fracture. Utilizing hidden or camouflaged incisions and advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Bindewald repositions broken facial bones and places the fragments in proper alignment. Some fractures can even be repaired without making any incisions (closed reduction). When fractures have occurred in the past but have healed in an unsatisfactory manner, Dr. Bindewald uses innovative reconstructive techniques to correct the abnormality.

Effectively treating facial fractures requires a critical understanding of the facial anatomy – including the nerves, muscles, and bone structure. Dr. Bindewald has specialized training and years of experience in facial traumas and reconstructive procedures to help you in restoring your features.

For additional information about reconstructive surgery for facial fractures in South Texas, please contact Dr. Matt Bindewald and his team at 844-DR-MATTB (844.376.2882).

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