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    Dr. Bindewald is a highly regarded plastic and reconstructive surgeon in San Antonio. He specializes in procedures of the body, breast and face and is known for being an exacting and caring surgeon. In 2016, he was voted by his peers as one of the Best San Antonio Plastic Surgeon's in the annual survey by SA Scene Magazine.

  • Dr. Bindewald listens intently and creates a solution with you .

    You don't feel like you have to be a certain age or look a certain way just to walk into Dr. Bindewald's office. It is very comforting.

    His quiet demeanor makes it easy to know he is listening and thinking.

    He answers questions thoroughly and asks the right questions back.

    In some plastic surgery offices, you feel embarrassed to even sit in the lobby because of the flashy images and ads everywhere.

    Dr. Bindewald's just isn't like that. It's nice.

    Dr. Bindewald's staff makes it feel safe to ask anything - even questions about price. They give thorough answers and aren't pushy at all.

    Dr. Bindewald talks a lot about function after surgery and how your different options will functionally have differing results. This is so helpful in making surgical decisions.

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    Are you considering plastic or reconstructive surgery? Dr. Matt Bindewald's extensive experience, combined with his fastidious attention to detail when planning the techniques and tools he will use during surgery allow patients to consistently achieve their ideal aesthetic and functional outcome. Emergency appointments available. Referrals from other physicians also accepted.


    Dr. Bindewald's exacting techniques and artistry, combined with our transparency in pricing, has resulted in patients who are overwhelmingly pleased with their final outcome as well as their pocketbook. We accept most major insurance.


    We accept and welcome patient questions both online and in person; Dr. Bindewald responds to all patient inquiries directly. Our HIPAA-compliant website and email ensures your utmost discretion and privacy when sending communication to our surgical team.


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